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Marco Senft
Marco Senft

I wrote this website primarily for my friends from all over the world to let them view some of my photos from time to time.

My profession is electro-mechanic, but at the time I'm working in a different field. Since spring 2004 I live here in Davos, in the midst of the alps. Apart from photography I like doing sports, especially cycling and skiing.

In the past I noticed some people who used my pictures on private web sites without any indication of their author. This is very unfair and besides that it's illegal. Private use of my pictures is allowed as long as you obey two things: first: the copyright notice on the images must not be removed, second: a link to my web site must appear on all pages containing such a picture. If these two requirements are met, you may freely use my photos and do not need to ask me first.

Most of the photos shown here are available as high-resolution files. Should you want prints or the files for professional use, feel free to contact me.

Marco Senft
Feldwiesenstrasse 17
9450 Altstätten SG

Telephone: +41 32 510 46 87
Mobile: +41 79 696 16 25
E-Mail: m.senft@t2g.ch

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